Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stonewall Resort State Park, Roanoke, WV

Stonewall Resort State Park, Site 7

Sunday, May 6 -Roanoke, WV, Stonewall Resort State Park - 263.1 Miles, 790.0 For the Trip.

Another day, another couple of states. Nothing to add to my 2nd go round on my "States Visited Map" since I have allready hit all of today's on my fall trip last year. I have driven enough miles to be pretty sure I can determine how many MPG the addition of the tire on the roof & the Vero Mirrors have added - about .5. I do like having the mirrors. While the standard mirrors, combined with a large "blind spot" mirror on the driver's side & the back up camera on the trailer covered all that was behind or besides me, the Vero mirrors provide a better sized image a couple of 100' behind the trailer. At that distance the image in the back up camera is too small.

Anyway, I decided to stay in a state park to save a little over the cost of private campgrounds. It didn't work. AAA lists the Briar Point Campground as a state park, however it is part of Stonewall Resort State Park, and you know what "Resort" means - more money! I did get a senior discount so it was only $38.16 for the night. So much for saving money! It is a very pretty site - right on the lake, near by clean bathrooms, and unlike other resorts I've camped in, the utilities are in the right place & it has a picnic table:

The View From My Back Window

The Utilities Are In the Right Place!
I did get a chance to stop at a grocery store & pick up some of the stuff I hadn't brought with me because of the refrigerator problems (which don't seem to be a problem), although I still have not been able to regulate the temperature - either too warm or now, too cold. I'm ignoring it! Anyhow, dinner tonight will be left over rice, a "Bubba" Burger & salad. Right now (at 3:00) I'm sitting out under the awning in 75°F sunshine on the edge of a lake. Almost like home, but the lake is a bit smaller!

Until Next Time!

Stonewall Resort, Roanoke, WV, Site 7
Utilities in the Right Place!
The View From the Back Window

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  1. Jon,
    Good to see you're on the road again. Later start that you had planned but at least you have started!