Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Roadrunner RV Park, Johnson City, TX

Texas Mourning Doves

Monday, May 14 - Rayford Crossing RV Resort, Spring, TX - 200.0 Miles Today, 2,504.6 For the Trip

I made it 200 miles before I decided it was time to stop for the day. I got a bit of a late start - around 9:30 because Jean suggested I wait until after 9:00 for the morning traffic to ease. I guess it had eased, however it reminded me of driving around Boston, DC, Atlanta, etc - not my kind of driving!

I'm at the Roadrunner RV Park, site 0, in Johnson City - $25.00 for full hookups (with $3.00 off for Good Sams.) There are a couple of RV Parks along US 281 / 290, but the others said ...Resort & you know what I think of resorts. This place is just my style for a commercial campground. Everyone talks to each other, the facilities are clean, and while I'm not parked on a concrete slab, I do have clean gravel & shade.

There are mourning doves in the trees, ad they speak with a Texas accent (or mine speak with a NY accent, I don't know which). Anyway, I didn't recognize them by sound until I saw a couple in the tree next to my site. The trees are wonderfully shaped, and what the park owner calls "Ball Moss"(although she says it probably has an "official" name) hangs (and drops) from the branches. They have very solid, free WiFi - too bad I couldn't catch Karin in Botswana on Skype. Our time zones are too out of sync for afternoon chats.

There is a grocery store next to the campground as well as a Subway. I picked up some supplies for the next couple of days including some nice looking plums. There is also a good (according to the campground owner) Mexican restaurant across the street, but I think I'll do Subway - last night's meal was richer than my usual fare so I'm going to take it easy tonight.

I'm not sure how I'm going to continue across Texas - the campgrounds in the central & western parts of the state are few & far between, at least those on my AAA map. I can look up any towns I pass through in the AAA's new camping books - they are sub sets of the Woodall's Directories which I really don't like (I think I have already complained about them, but here I go again!) The problem is the Woodall books aim more for commercial campgrounds & are filled with ads for them. Quite difficult to find what you are looking for, at least compared to the old AAA books. On top of that over the last few days I've discovered another fault - they give directions to the campground (usually from an interstate) but no address. Makes it hard to punch the location into your GPS and near impossible to find if you are approaching on secondary roads.

So, the plan is to head west, starting on US 290 to US 87 and decide at San Angelo, TX whether I want to go on to the next town with a campground.


  1. Jon...just saw your recent posts...I wish I would have known....would have loved to host you as we are just a little ways south...however we now are in KC, Mo...sure would have postponed the trip if I would have for your trip plans...don't know where your heading...however straight west on I-10 does present some is Sonora...they have Caverns...for detail read from my old blog starting 26 Dec '10.......if you read through the trip your'll get some other ideas,ie, Ft Stockton, Van Horn(in my Step. '12 new Blog trip), or a quick trip south of 10 to Big Bend, Alpine, etc....Again, sorry we missed each other and good luck...after reading the blogs, if you have any questions let me know...Cheers Horst

  2. Hey Jon, I went to SUNY Cortland ! How bout that

  3. Horst - I may stop at the Sonora Caverns. They look interesting, but I really hate I 10. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

    Homeless - SUNY Cortland is just down the road from Oswego. One of my students & a good friend Don Guido was TD for the Theatre Department there for a number of years.

  4. Jon...I totally agree about I-10...especially outwest where the speed limit is 75-80mph and I'm going 55 with my flashers....thats why I usually go on 90, alot more interesting with alot of nearby towns....however there are some interesting places in the area...enjoy your adventure....wish I was out there.....I still plan on heading to Canada mid July.....we'll see...again have a GREAT adventure....Horst sends

  5. Jon...if you are headed North on 87...3 parks on the way ; San Angelo State Park...I haven't been there but numerous hiking and bike trails, Caprock State Park...I really enjoyed and Palo Duro State Park...advertised as the Grand Canyon of Texas...a bit of an over statement....numerous biking and hiking trails....both I enjoyed......again enjoy.....Horst