Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blanding, UT

Monument Valley Under the Stars
Wednesday, May 30 - Blanding, UT- 128 Miles Today, 4682.5 For the Trip

Still no LakeshoreImages website so I may start adding more photos here.  I did get up to the Monument Valley Overlook/Parking Lot a little after dusk.  I took a series of photos, most at ISO 1600, f:2.8 & 8 to 15 seconds.  There was enough moonlight to show the formations, yet allowed enough of the stars to show to make it interesting.  It would have been better if there was a power blackout - the parking lot has lots of lights.  There are a few images with lights from returning cars, and airplanes, but overall it worked OK.

I washed the trailer & RAV4 on the way out of Gouldings Camp Park.  The water spray didn't remove everything; the bugs need an actual scrubbing, but at least the first layer of red dust is gone.

It was a short drive to Blanding, UT & the Blue Mountain RV Park.  I'm in site 8, a shaded back in that just fits the trailer & RAV4. After setting up I plan to drive out to the location for the trail to House on Fire.  It is too late in the day to properly photograph it - I'll do that tomorrow.

I did drive out to the trail head, and also stopped at the "Official" Mule Canyon Ruin Exhibit, about 1/2 mile west of Arch Canyon road, the entrance to the trail head. Laurent Martres, who's 3 books "Photographing the Southwest" have been my guide to many locations feels that the exhibit was built to keep down traffic in the canyon.  I'll have to agree with him - it is far to new looking to be realistic.

Mule Canyon Ruin Exhibit

Mule Canyon Ruin Exhibit
After that it was back to the campground by way of the local grocery store & some barbecued chicken for dinner.

Until Tomorrow -

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  1. Jon...super photo of Monument Valley under the stars....I went out to the lot each night and it was cloud covered...glad you could get the shot...I'm enjoying following your trip...brings back good memories...later Horst

    ps...hope you get the access of your website fixed ...I go there on a regular basis to get into other have the best reference for blogs I know...