Friday, February 25, 2011

XM Radio

Oswego Harborfest Fireworks, 2008

Oswego has had a summer festival called Harborfest for many years - my oldest tee shirt is dated 1990. On the Saturday of the festival one of the local nuclear plant owners (Entergy) sponsors a 23 minute "Fireworks by Grucci" show.  Photos from some of the festivals & fireworks start in 2006 here.

I picked up an inexpensive XM Radio receiver yesterday.  I have an XM receiver built into my RAV4, but I want to be able to listen in both the RAV & my trailer.  According to their web page, I should be able to transfer my subscription from the RAV's radio to the portable version, purchase an extra antenna for the trailer, and be able to move it between the two.  It would be nice if they would let me use the same account for both radios, but they don't. From what I've read and from personal experience, nothing goes right when dealing with XM Radio's customer service, but I'm up for a challenge!

My cold has just about run its course; I feel like I'll live.  We are currently being nailed by a heavy, wet snow that has dumped 6" so far & it is still coming down.  I do think we have had enough winter and I'm looking forward to spring.

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