Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Photo - Another chipmunk photo.

I think I'll skip swimming today.  Got enough exercise shoveling the roof!  We are expecting 12" - 18" of snow tonight & tomorrow, and there is already 30" or so on most of the roof.  Building a ranch style house in the snow belt doesn't make much sense, but it was something we didn't think about when be bought it in the 70's.

I'm fairly sure the weight isn't a problem until we get 4' or so, but even with good insulation & venting, icicles built up on the gutters, and I'm afraid the weight will tear them off the house.  Actually, the ventilation is only good when enough snow melts off the ridge vent - that usually takes a couple of days after a heavy snow unless I get up there & dig it out.  I have to get up on the roof at least once a month anyway, just to clean the chimney - I do 90% of my winter heating with firewood.

When it gets real bad (or I'm just tired of shoveling), I use a small electric snowblower to clear the roof.  It isn't everywhere you see people snow blowing their roofs!

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