Monday, February 21, 2011

Cough, Cough!

Today's Photo - a fern "Fiddlehead" taken early spring at Oswego's Rice Creek Field Station, Oswego, NY.

Well, our electricity came back on around noon on the 19th.  Not as bad as during an ice storm a few years ago.  Ice storms are rare in Oswego - trees were falling left & right; we had one do $2,000.00 worth of damage to the house, and power was out for almost a week.  For the first two days it was impossible to drive more than 1/4" mile from the house - downed trees blocked the road in both directions. So, things could have been much worse!

Now I'm getting a cold.  I don't get very many - usually one every couple of years, so I shouldn't complain, but still, I could do without it!

Although it was nice to get a couple of days of warm weather (it hit 55°F) things are back to normal; 12:55PM & it's 13°.  The good thing is I only had to shovel 2" of snow from the driveway this morning.

Well enough rambling.  I can't wait until I head west to pick up the trailer.  I'm sure this is just about as boring to read as it is to type!

Till next time...

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  1. Hi Vermilye,
    Great shot of the fern,sharp , excellent light & colors.
    Wish you swift recovery from warm Israel.