Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today's Photo - Great Horned Owl

I've been using Pandora as an internet radio for awhile, but finally decided to pay the $36.00 per year to avoid having it shut down every 45 minutes, get rid of the ads, etc.  I like the product.  On my laptop I can use a high bit rate version, but most of the time I use it with my iPhone, either plugged into the auxiliary  input of my RAV4 radio or connected to my Sony RDP-XF100IP Portable radio/dock. 

In either case it works out well since my favorite style of background music is "Ambient Radio" which is difficult to find on traditional AM or FM stations.  Since I'm not all that familiar with the individual artists by name, Pandora is the perfect way to listen to a genre without knowing titles or performers. And, if I do discover an individual performer I like, entering that performer will result in discovering similar artists. 

About the only other radio I listen to is NPR, which is often available over the air.  If not, or while traveling, if I want to listen to WRVO, my local NPR station, I can use the Public Radio App on the iPhone or log on to the station over the internet. 

Actually, although those are my favorites, my taste in music is pretty eclectic. As a former sound designer for well over 100 theatre productions, I've been exposed to just about any kind of music that has ever existed, and the ipod portion of my phone sounds like it.  At least I haven't transferred the sound effects form my itunes to the phone!  No rain, thunder or big trucks!

Till next time.

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