Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Snow IV

Today's Photo - More Snow!

Like the Eskimo, people living in Oswego have 50 words for snow. Unlike the Eskimo, at least 95% of ours are not allowed in mixed company!

Last night's snow was unusual for Oswego - it was heavy, sticky snow that produced a typical winter wonderland.  Most of our snow is lightweight lake effect that blows off the trees in the slightest wind.  This morning everything was still covered.  Of course it is beautiful, but you don't want to shovel it!  Time for the snow blowers.

My neighbor was out clearing the driveway - I had just finished mine:

The snow at the end of the driveway where it hits the road is piled high enough that shoveling is out anyway - throwing shovelfuls of heavy snow over your head is not much fun hence the snow blower.

I took my camera for my walk & took these photos.  Here is one more.

After that it is back to a warm house, throw another log on the fire, and a big Sunday morning breakfast.

I'm still playing with the WiFi Ranger router.  So far, no problems other than wondering why it was running very slow one morning.  Turns out my regular router was disconnected & it chose another open WiFi connection in my neighborhood.  No idea as to whose, but restarting mine cleared things up. I'll give a full report once I add my cell card to the router.

Till next time!  


  1. If only there was balance in the world...when we have snow in Jerusalem (once in 5 years-maybe) the whole country goes down there to take a look...

  2. Is that Oswego Ny ? I used to live in Fulton and worked for Nimo

  3. Yes, although Nymo is now National Grid...