Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trailer Parts

Today's Photo - Letchworth State Park, NY

This is a Kodachrome of the lower falls taken in 1994. I went back in July, 2009 with a digital camera. Letchworth is a beautiful park with three large waterfalls, 66 miles of hiking trails, 82 cabins & 258 campsites, some with 50 amp services.

This week I sent Reace at Escape Trailer Industries the parts for the cell phone system.  They are going to mount an external antenna on the rear driver's side of the trailer, and run it to an amplifier inside. The inside amplifier is connected to a ice cream sandwich sized antenna that produces an amplified signal 2'-4' around its location.  It will cover the front table area & the front cabinets where the cell data transceiver will be located.  It should improve both cell phone & data connections.  Since I plan to update both my blog & my Lakeshore Images web pages while on the road, and plan to often be on the edge of cell coverage, I hope the system will help.

I also sent the back up camera & cabling.  Although it is not absolutely necessary, while traveling alone having an extra "eye" will be handy while driving & parking the trailer.

I did run into an interesting problem - Canadian customs is going to charge duty to import the stuff.  You would think there would be some kind of exemption since I bought the parts to install in my own trailer, but according to my phone call to customs, the duty must be paid!


  1. Hi, Jon,

    I've been enjoying your photos. Today's made me want to get up and get! I came across a forum I thought you might be interested in-it has a "hobbies, etc." section where people talk about and post their photos-some are professionals. I thought you might enjoy taking a gander.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, and I'm glad you are enjoying the photos. I can't wait until I hit the southwest to take some new ones.

    I've been a member of iRV2 since 2006, as well as a number of other forums - probably far too many for my own good. I find I spend at least an hour a day going through the new posts to them! Oh well, one of the benefits of being retired - your time is your own.

  3. Bryce, Zion, etc.? Be sure to travel up through NM to Chimayo, then on up to Chama and across to Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Telluride CO

  4. Hi John,
    Thank you for sharing , it brought back memories from our trip in the finger lakes area.
    Take a look