Monday, December 6, 2010

Why A Fiberglass Egg (Continued)?

Today's Photo is of a Snowdrop. I must be hoping for Spring!

Continuing on my reasons for purchasing a fiberglass trailer, one of my first considerations was that it have a bathroom. That stems back to a 2:00AM trip to the bath house at a 500+ site campground somewhere in the midwest. Carol & I were wandering back to the campsite, still half asleep, when we realized we had walked back a lot longer than we had waked to the place. Yes, we were lost. We kept looking for a familiar landmark, but didn't see anything that would point us in the right direction. Finally, we found the dumpsters, and from there knew the route back to the tent.

After that I really decided that midnight runs to the bathroom should be a thing of the past! I really didn't have too many other requirements, however many of the options the different manufacturers made available looked pretty good.

Once I discovered the Escape brand of fiberglass "egg" I was hooked. The owners all seems to love their Escapes (although very few egg owners of any other brand complain about their trailers) and the owners of Escape Trailer Industries are very flexible in outfitting their trailers & very friendly people to talk to. One minor problem - these, like other fiberglass trailers have quite a waiting list. Since they are pretty much made to order, you can expect to wait months before your egg will hatch. I set my delivery late enough in the Spring that I would be able to avoid pulling it in the snow.

So, that is how I chose my RV. Now I'm going through my old tenting equipment to decide what to take, picking out other supplies, and trying to figure out how to fit them all in the back of the RAV4 for the trip to Chilliwack, BC to pick it up.

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