Friday, December 17, 2010

More Verizon

Today's Photo - The 26th Annual Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally, Otsiningo Park, Binghamton, NY.

While the Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally in Otsiningo Park is no where near as big as the Albuquerque Festival, it is still quite a spectucular event!

Well, I finally got to talk with someone that understood the different plans the Verizon has & what happens when you use them in Canada. I guess I can see where some of the previous answers came from, but still don't understand why sales people don't understand the product they are selling.

Anyway, for anyone interested, with a Nationwide plan calls made to Canada from the US are charged $.49 per minute for roaming. Calls made in Canada to either Canada or the US are charged $.69 per minute roaming. If you purchase the Nationwide Plus Canada plan there is no roaming charge for calls made in the US or Canada, however the Nighttime & Weekend minutes changes from unlimited to 1000. Text is $.25 per sent & $.20 per received. Any data usage in Canada is charged as roaming @ $2.05 per MB.

Now, all I have to do is decide if I want to wait to see if the rumored Verizon based iPhone is actually going to happen!

By the way, Syracuse broke the all time record for snow in December today - 70.8 inches. Less than 8" away from the most snow in any month (78.1" in January, 2004) & there is a lot of December left! We only got around 4" here in Oswego today...

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