Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Kitchen Decisions

Today's Photo - Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket, MA

Yes, I'm still going on making choices for cooking. This would be much easier if I was going to pick up the trailer close to home, camp for a week or two, then revaluate what I needed to take in the trailer. Unfortunately, the trailer in made in Chilliwack, BC, over 3000 miles from home, and, having done that far to pick it up I want to spend some time in western parts of the US & Canada. That means I either have to take what I want with me or buy it on the road.

Again, I've been keeping track of what I normally use when cooking here at home, but I really have far too many choices. For example, I have 6 frying pans, 4 cast iron & 2 aluminum teflon coated. I pretty much use them all for different things; far too many to take in a small trailer, so I which ones are essential? Since I'll be traveling by myself, and the limited amount of freezer space makes cooking large batches & freezing portions impractical, the smaller cast iron sounds like a good decision. But, what if I want to cook something for a pot luck offering at a campground? And, a small meal works in a large pan, but not the other way around. Another but is storage - there isn't all that much in a 17' trailer. A large version of everything may fit all situations, but may quickly overwhelm the cabinet space.

There are some things I know I don't need - for example, a rice cooker, bread maker, and food processor. They are all convenient, but can be replaced by more multi functional devices. I can cook rice in a sauce pan as long as I'm willing to keep an eye on things, and a good chefs knife & mixing bowl will do just about everything I use a food processor for. Still, does it make sense to carry a 10 - 12 quart pot just to make spaghetti every couple of weeks? For that matter, although I love my homemade spaghetti sauce, does it even make sense to carry all the ingredients or should I start looking for a jarred sauce I like? So many questions!

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  1. Jon, I don't know if you plan to camp where there's electric, but if you do, for the occasional pot luck's consider a slow cooker. Use the plastic liners and there's no clean up. Sometimes (an it's always a hit) I do the potato chips and onion dip mix (what could be easier) for pot lucks.

    I tried to buy things that have dual or multiple uses. A big measuring cup that doubles as a bowl, as an example. I cooked a lot in tin foil and I also found that I ate in local restaurants-just for the change in atmosphere.

    I find it's actually more difficult to cook for one-thus my tin foil recipes. I won't take a dutch oven with me this time. Back to reading.

    Gee, I need to read more because I'm not really sure whether you've already got the trailer! Interesting to run into another solo traveler.