Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Snow II

Today's Photo - Chittenango Falls, Chittenango State Park, NY

Well, today is the first day in a week I didn't have to go out in the morning and shovel my driveway! Unfortunately, the reason was because there was over 12" of snow overnight & I needed the snowblower. It must have fallen rather late - the plow didn't go by until around 9:00AM, school is canceled, and the Post Standard newspaper never made it to the mailbox. And, to be honest, I still had to shovel the deck, stairs, and around the cars.

Very little going on dealing with the camper today. I am still trying figure out Verizon. I stopped by their local store here in Oswego & was told that if I was using one of their "Global" phones such as the Droid X, I would not be charged for roaming, either for voice or data while in Canada. I found this hard to believe since the latest "Your Guide" from Verizon shows Canadian roaming at $.69 for voice & $2.05 per Mb for data. The data cost could add up quickly since I often view image pages. So, I called the Verizon information desk, and after getting switched a couple of times found someone that could answer my questions - well, sorta.

According to who ever was on the phone at the other end, there is a voice roaming charge of $.49 per minute for voice when in Canada unless you sign up for the Nationwide Plus Canada plan. He also said that there are no roaming charges for the data side of the phone. I still find that hard to believe since AT&T does charge for Canadian roaming on the iPhone & both companies seem to track each others prices fairly closely. It seems like you get a different answer from each person you talk to! Makes planning kinda tough. I finally went on a couple of RV Blogs to ask what actual users have been charged. So far, no answers...

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