Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Snow!

Today's Photo - A composite of the October, 2004 lunar eclipse.

Another day, another 4" - 6" of snow. At least we didn't get a duplicate of last week's 12". I guess if you are going to live in Oswego you should get used to snow. Actually, I don't really mind the snow as much as the grey skies. Last night & tonight was/is the Gemini Meteor Shower - as usual, all I'll see is nothing. Another downside of living on the southern shore of a large lake. Of course, there are many, many upsides, including wonderful sunsets!

The photo at the top of today's post is one of the few times the skies were clear enough to take night time pictures. For those interested, I took a series of photos every 1/2 hour, combined & arranged them using Photoshop.

To add excitement to your life, drive home in the snow after having your eyes dilated for a vision field test - Sure does make everything bright!

I also spent some time adding links to my RV pages. This started out as a way to make some bookmarks for myself, and turned into hundreds of links of interest to RVers. Since it gets 75 - 100 hits per day, I guess it is useful to others than myself!

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