Sunday, September 12, 2021

Trip To Algonac State Park & Niagara Falls, Ontario, Day 7


Saying Goodbye

September 12, 2021, Algonac State Park, Algonac, MI, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 606.6 Miles For the Trip

The good news is I passed my Covid test, so if I filled out the ArriveCAN app correctly, I should be heading into Canada tomorrow.

After my morning walk & breakfast, I took some "packing up" photos, although many are staying until tomorrow. There is a GMC motorhome rally that is starting to collect some beautifully restored motorhomes. Lots of big boat traffic on the river (although the photo is of one of the smaller freighters) even at night.  Photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

I packed up the Clam - Reminder to myself - don't use the lower clips designed to attach the sides to stake down the Clam - tough to get out. Use the grommets for what they were designed for! While the Clam fits in the truck, I pretty much have to unpack the entire truck bed in order to get it in. Everything either goes next to or on top of it. 

Dinner was chicken Marsala over rice, a salad & applesauce.

Until Tomorrow - 

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