Friday, September 10, 2021

Trip To Algonac State Park & Niagara Falls, Ontario, Day 5

 September 10, 2021, Algonac State Park, Algonac, MI, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 606.6 Miles For the Trip

Happy Campers!

After my walk & some time doing my usual morning reading, I headed to CVS for my Covid test. While the test went smoothly, CVS was having computer problems. Guido went with me to pick up a prescription for Anne, and he was still in line at the drug counter after my test was completed. We eventually got out of the store. 

Back at the trailer I made a blueberry pie. I forgot the brown sugar, so it won't be quite authentic, but should be OK. Since we are at a rally, I added trailers to the top of the pie (made out of left over pie crust) as well as my usual blueberry bush. While the pie was cooking for the second 22 minutes (in the trailer oven you need to rotate it 180° half way through cooking to get it to brown evenly) I headed to the showers. Individual stalls with a drying room that stays dry, has a bench & two hooks. The shower itself is large, adjustable temperature, and a medium volume spray head. There is a soap dish & the wall between the shower & drying room had the top of the cement blocks finished so you can place your soap dish & shampoo on top. It would be perfect except the spray head is a bit low. I used to be 6', but age has me down to 5' 11" and I had to duck to get the spray to hit me face. Still, and excellent shower for a state park. I'd rate it an A-.

I made it back to the trailer with 9 minutes to spare so I didn't burn up the pie. While it was cooling I made a round of the campground & took a few photos. The Silver Cloud is a rare 28' Bigfoot (only 12 were made during 1986 - 87).  Pictures are at today's LakeshoreImages page.

After that is was heading to the Guidos for a shrimp scampi dinner.

Until Tomorrow -

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