Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 135, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Rockhound State Park, NM

A Yucca Plant at Sunset
Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Rockhound State Park, NM, 149 Miles, 5,722.7 Miles For the Trip

Well, it definitely cooled off over night - 40°F at 6:00AM. I fired up the electric heater, and by 7:00 it was up to 68°F. They offered a waffle & coffee breakfast between 8:30 & 9:00, but for some reason, no one was sitting at the picnic tables in the 45°F temperatures! I had cereal, the rest of my blueberries, and made my own coffee.

Not a bad drive on I 10 to Deming. Light traffic, although most of it was trucks. I lost an hour crossing the New Mexico border by gaining daylight savings time. I arrived at Rockhound State Park around 12:30. I'm in site 26 for 2 days, a water & electric site for $14.00 per night.

Rockhound is a more "refined" park than City of Rocks where I stayed on the way out, but a bit closer to Deming. Since I have to pick up a general delivery mailing at the post office (where the parking with a trailer is limited), I decided to stay here.

There are more of the California Poppies (at least that is what I think they are) growing here than at the Lost Dutchman; some nice fields of them. More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

I called the post office, and my mail was in, so I headed to Deming & picked it up. I am more comfortable now that I have the registration for the truck (which would run out before I got home). Thanks Anne! While in town I stopped at Walmart & picked up some fruit & a frozen pizza for dinner.

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