Friday, July 25, 2014

Saint Mary Campground, Glacier National Park, MT, Day 2

My Back Window View

Friday, July 25, 2014, Saint Mary Campground, Glacier National Park, MT, Day 2 - 0 miles, 13,476.4 For the Trip

Another windy night & day. While it died down for about an hour early this morning, the 40 - 60 MPH wind gusts were back and kept up until around 4:00PM. Beautiful skies, but difficult to enjoy them, except through the trailer windows since, at times, it was difficult to stand outside! I did take a couple of photos - more at today's LakeshoreImages page.

I didn't do much other than sit & read (inside the trailer) for most of the day. I did take a break for a shower - they are individual rooms, with push button operation, but a good stream of water, large, dry dressing area, & reasonable run time.

It should be interesting getting out of the site in the morning. Site C142 is a pull through on the left side of the road, which puts the door on the wrong side for the picnic table. My solution was to use the empty site next to mine to drive into mine backwards. With the small 17' trailer it worked fine, however someone moved into the site I planed to sneak through on the way out. Oh well, I'll worry about that in the morning!

Since the wind died down, I cooked a Bubba burger for dinner, along with some chips, a salad, and the rest of the vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Until tomorrow.


  1. Hey Jon, I've been enjoying your ride. I have to ask..what is your "Bubba Burger?"
    I checked Google and I don't think that's it..Thanks,

    1. Bubba Burgers are a 1/3 lb frozen hamburger that comes 6 to a box. They are available in plain & onion versions.

  2. Thanks, I thought you might have described them in an earlier post, but I couldn't remember. I'm guessing in the warmer temps of summer they defrost pretty fast?