Sunday, July 13, 2014

Laverne County Campground, OR, Day 3

Sunday, July 13, 2014, Laverne County Campground, OR, Day 3 - 0 miles, 12,488.2 For the Trip

My last day at Laverne County Campground. I don't know whether to recommend the place or not. On the one hand, a good description of the place is the old adage "Rode hard & Put Up Wet". Speaking of wet, while it isn't raining, it is about as damp as it could be without rain, and since the campground is dirt, very messy. Still, it is far more my type of campground than the resorts I've stayed in. My neighbors have been interesting. On one side was four generations of a Mexican family that insisted on feeding me every time they sat down to eat. Great folks. On the other side, a family that brought a chain saw with them while tent camping. Although it was small, a 6' pole tree trimmer type, it was gas powered & loud, and a bit scary watching dad sawing away while the kids held sticks of wood in their hands.

I said good by to the Mexican family around 12:00, and spent the day reading. I finished John Myers Myers 1949 Science Fiction masterpiece Silverlock. Highly recommended, even if you are not a fan of SiFi.

I kept waiting for the sun to come out so it would warm up for a shower, but gave up waiting around 4:30. Just in case you stop here, the last stall in the men's showers works without putting a quarter in the timer. I don't mind paying a quarter for a shower, but I hate it when the water stops before you are rinsed!

No photos today. While I had internet when I started, it seems to have gone away. I'll post this when I can.

Dinner will be a chicken cutlet with the left over spaghetti sauce.

Until tomorrow.

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