Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ, Day 9

Moon Rise
Tuesday, December 17, 2013, Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ, Day 9 - 0 miles, 4,822.7 For the Trip

I had two breakfasts today, one at 8:30 that consisted of coffee & a banana (I know, not quite traditional) and another around 1:00 that was - bacon & eggs. Dinner was a snack of cheese & crackers.

One of the rangers brought in a powered drain snake to try & fix the bathroom problem - he found the location of the blockage, but couldn't clear it. So, still no toilets at this end of the campground.

Since tonight is the full moon, I decided to try to catch it coming over the mountains on the California side of the Colorado River. Not a lot of success - lots of clouds which do make an interesting moon rise, but no good clear shot of the full moon. It isn't all that necessary since I have lots of full moon shots, and there are thousands taken with telescopes that put anything I can do to shame. I also shot a photo of the RVs & Christmas lights on the other side of the river.  The rest of the photos are at today's LakeshoreImages page.

I did discover an interesting problem - Since the phone thinks it is in California since it is connected to their cell towers & the time is set to automatic, but The Photographer's Ephemeris software that tells me when the moon is going to rise seems to be tied to the GPS in the phone, there was an hour difference between them. I went by the photo software & it was correct. It gives rise & set times for both the sun & moon, as well as projecting the rise & set location on a local map. Useful software if you like lining up shots before the sun or moon comes up.

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