Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Packing For Another Trip

 I'll be leaving this Saturday for Anne & Guido's, from where we will head to Lorton, VA to Pohick Bay Recreation Campground for a week visiting with friends.  It was going to include a visit with the grandkids who are in the general area, but discovered they will be visiting Brian's mother in Oceanside, NY the week we are near Takoma Park.  Just gives us an excuse for another trip later in July to visit with them.

The trailer is about half packed & the refrigerator is cooling down.  

I spent much of the day reserving campsites for my winter trip to Quartzsite.  I usually don't make reservations, but if the fall is anything like this summer, sites are going to be booked well in advance.  In addition, many state & national parks have gone to an all reservation system (no first come sites) so reservations are necessary anyway. 

 I hate to schedule for a month at a time, but until I hit the west, there isn't much other than campgrounds.   So, I'm booked for 2 - 6 night stays from October 21 - November 28th.  I'll probably add more along the way.

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