Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Spring Fling Trip, Day 9


1980 Winter Olympics Ski Jumps

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - Home, Oswego, NY - 199.6 miles, 875.4 Miles For the Trip

A quiet, but smoky night at Wilmington Notch. It is amazing how smoky a fire can be built, and almost always upwind from my trailer.

While I had only used the bathroom for one night, I stopped at the dump station since I don't have a practical way to dump at home. A slow, but uneventful trip through the Adirondacks, mostly on US 3. Before I hit US 3, Matilda (my Garmin) routed me past the foot of the ski jumps built for the 1980 Winter Olympics. I've passed them many times, but never on this road. A good view of what they look like from the bottom of the hill. Quite frankly, you have to be either crazy or very good to ski down from the top of the towers! To get an idea of the scale, check out the yellow backhoe on the hill. Sorry for the power lines - still the best image of them I've been able to get.

I stopped to get a chicken sandwich at the Watertown Walmart. While I am generally not impressed with their prepared meals, the Chicken Salad Croissant was very good.

I arrived home at 2:45. While it hit as high as 83°F on the drive, with the nearby lake cooling it was only 72°F in Oswego. Still, I only moved the essentials into the house - I'll do the rest tomorrow. 

Dinner was cheese & crackers since I ate a late lunch.

Until the next trip. 

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