Saturday, June 26, 2021

Pohick Bay, Day 1

 Binghamton, NY, June 26, 2021 118 Miles, 118 Miles For the Trip

Binghamton, NY

I finished packing, and headed to Binghamton a little before noon.  Kyle is taking care of the house & finishing up his latest fish tank project.

Did make one mistake - I had the trailer disconnect switch off because I was using the converter to supply the 12V stuff rather than the batteries.  When I unplugged to leave, I forgot to turn on the disconnect switch.  Discovered it on a lunch break 60 miles down the road.  The freezer warmed up 10°F to 11°F, and the fridge from 38°F to 43°.  Things are cooling down now even in the 84°F outside temperature & the sun on the refrigerator side of the trailer.

Anne & Guido are finishing packing.  They got their van back from an air conditioner repair, however the parts were not available, so they may not have any.  Predicted temperature tomorrow;  95°F.  Hope it works a little!

Dinner will be deli fried chicken.

Until Tomorrow!

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