Friday, October 12, 2018

Day 69, Friday, October 12, 2018 - Black Mesa Casino, San Felipe, NM, Day 2

A Collection of Balloons
Friday, October 12, 2018 - Black Mesa Casino, San Felipe, NM, Day 2, 0 Miles, 5,243.8 Miles for the Trip

As mentioned in yesterday's journal, we went back to the Fiesta for their fireworks after dinner, and I didn't add the images until this afternoon. The first two photos are a combination of sky divers & fireworks, an interesting combination. The rest are standard fireworks, 3 pages of them (I get carried away).

Again, as mentioned, an early start to the day, getting up at 4:00AM & hitting the Fiesta around 5:30. Very calm winds, and only high clouds, so lots of balloon launches, including a morning glow. Most of the "glow" is done in sequence, i.e. one balloon after another. That works well visually, and as a video, but for still cameras it often leaves one or more blanks between balloons. I wish they would do a "photographer's special" of all the balloons lit at the same time for a second or two. In any case, I did get most of them.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the grounds taking photos of balloons. Around 9:30, Don dropped his camera & lens off at the Canon booth. They have a great set up - free cleaning of a body & one lens. They also have free "rental" of many of their cameras & lenses for a day. I wish Nikon did the same!

After Don picked up his camera at 10:00, we headed back to the van, stopping to take pictures of the sky divers, and ask Ford how my new truck lets me know it is time for an oil change. Again, far too many photos, but you don't have to look at them all! Photos are at a Lightroom web generated set of pages.

I'll probably post any photos I take this evening tomorrow, since it is going to be another early morning.

Until Tomorrow -

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