Friday, August 3, 2018

Still Waiting

Friday, August 3, 2018 - Oswego, NY, 0 Miles, 0 Miles for the Trip

I just filled up the truck - 30 gallons @ $2.99 or $90.00. Having a 36 gallon tank is nice when on the road, but a fill up can sure shock the wallet! I also checked my spreadsheet for last year's trip. Filled up at the same station (with a much smaller tank in the Tacoma) and the price of gas was $1.90 on the same day last year. The truck is starting out with 1184 miles on the clock. As long as I'm talking numbers, as of today the trailer has been towed 8,770.2 miles (not counting a couple of 3 mile trips to the local scales), and I've slept in it 264 nights.

I did my final 2 mile jog this morning - although I rarely jog while on the road since showering isn't an easy option, I do my best to walk 2 miles per day.

Well, I'm sure that eventually we will hit the road, but it won't be tomorrow morning. CVS messed up one of Anne's prescriptions, and it won't be ready until tomorrow. So, they have to hang out in Binghamton until then.

Until Tomorrow -

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