Friday, March 29, 2024

23 - 24 Trip to the Southwest, Day 166

Friday, March 29, 2024 - Cherry Hill RV Park, College Park, MD, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 6,736.6 Miles for the trip

While a cool morning at 37°F, there was lots of sunshine. A little windy, but overall a nice day. I took a photo of some of the cherry blossoms (it is called Cherry Hill RV Park); not the Tidal Basin, but pretty enough:

Cherry Blossoms

I had breakfast at the cafe during my morning walk. Back at the trailer i read for awhile, then Karin called and she came to the park. Ken Stone, one of the technical directors at SUNY Oswego during the early years (and my replacement when I was drafted) is living in the DC area and he also stopped by. We went to the cafe for lunch, and sat around and chatted for a couple of hours. Since the place wasn't all that busy, they staff didn't seem to mind.

After that we headed back to the trailer, Ken took off, but Karin took a photo before he left.

Jon & Ken

After that I headed to Brian & Karin's, hung around for a bit, watched them do some spring planting, then headed back to the trailer. Very heavy traffic on Piney Branch Road between Karin's & I 495, but I 495 wasn't bad at all. 

Dinner was a El Monterey Chicken Quesadilla.

Until Tomorrow -

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