Thursday, March 7, 2024

23 - 24 Trip to the Southwest, Day 144

Thursday, March 7, 2024 -Lake Murray State Park, OK- 184.1 Miles, 5,022.5 Miles for the trip 

While yesterday was a quiet day, not so much for the late night & early morning. Thunderstorms with medium rain. The leaves on the tree I was parked under were ready to fall off; the rain put about half the leaves on my truck & trailer. Most blew away on the drive, but there are still a few stuck in corners.

Most of the drive was on TX secondary 2 lane roads, again with the usual 75MPH speed limit. Since my top is 65MPH when towing, I got passed a lot. A short stint on I 35 just before the campground. I had an interesting minor scare on the way. I drove by a sign (in Texas) for Arrowhead State Park. I originally had 3 days scheduled for Lake Murray State Park in OK, but decided to cut the road time down by dropping a day & adding an Oklahoma state park half way between Lake Murray and my original next stop. Seems there is an Arrowhead State Park in TX as well as in OK. Glad I don't need to backtrack 100 miles to get to my next stop! I stopped at the Wichita Falls Walmart for a some supplies, and the attached Murphy gas station for the cheapest gas of the trip - $2.759 per gallon.

I'm in site 31 in the Elephant Rock campground. I've stayed at Lake Murray before, but at the Buzzard's Roost campground. This one is right on the lake. A full hookup site with a level concrete slab, picnic table & charcoal grill next to a family bathroom with showers. $31.00 tonight, and $32.00 for tomorrow (they add a dollar for the weekends). While I didn't have to unhook to level the trailer, I did because I plan to eat at the restaurant here in the park.

Site 31

Last night I finished Ross Pennie's Zol Szabo series, #3, Up In Smoke, and started #4, Beneath the Wake. On the drive here I finished listening to Frederick Forsyth's The Avenger, and will need to find a new audio book for tomorrow morning's walk. I probably should have downloaded a new book yesterday; the internet, at least AT&T is pretty slow here at 6.33Mbps down & 2.49Mbps up. I have heard of his Day of the Jackal, but never read it so that will be the next audio book. While it took 10 minutes, it did download from the New York Public Library.

Dinner was at the Lookout Kitchen Restaurant - a chicken fried steak, baked potato & mixed vegetables.

Until Tomorrow -

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