Tuesday, March 5, 2024

23 - 24 Trip to the Southwest, Day 142

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - Fort Griffin State Historic Site, Albany, TX - 232.5 Miles, 4,838.4 Miles for the trip 

I was on the internet at 8:00AM sharp to make reservations at Long Beach Conservation Area in Ontario, Canada for the Bolarama Rally & our trip to the Algonac Rally in September. The reservations went through OK, they charged my credit card, and I thought I was set. About 2 hours later Anne got a call from the Conservation Area that our reservations were canceled; we had to redo them later in the month. I did get email canceling both mine & hers, but have no idea if the September reservations are still on, or why they canceled the July reservations - the reservation system for the season started at 9:00 EST today. You can't talk to anyone there - all you get is an answering machine with an announcement about the reservation dates & times. I left a message; hope they will call back.

About 3/4 of today's drive was on I 20, the remainder on 2 lane 75MPH roads. 

At Fort Griffin the campground is first come, but I forgot that you need to go to the visitor center a few miles away to register, give them a site number, and get a window tag. I'm in site 5 (at the suggestion of the person running the visitor center rather than going to the campground, picking one, then coming back), a water & electric site on gravel for $12.00 per night that is level enough that I don't need to unhook. Since I'm a long way from anywhere, I probably won't unhook over the two days I'm here. A nice shady site a reasonable walking distance to the bathrooms, with a picnic table, fire pit & charcoal grill. 

Site 5

I did my usual speed tests, first with Verizon. Both my phone & Jet Pack show a "5G" Verizon connection, but neither will make a data connection. AT&T shows 4.9Mbps down & 1.8Mbps up on a "5G" Extended connection. The data is fast enough for internet radio & posting today's photos & pages.

At the visitor center there is a small herd of longhorn cattle so I stopped for a couple of photos:

Texas Longhorns

I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading. I'm on book #2 & the 3rd that I've read of Ross Pennie's Zol Szabo series, Tampered. Unfortunately, I've already read #5 and know too much about what is happening in the doctor's life. This is a series that should be read in published order.

Dinner was a grilled Butterball Turkey Burger & broccoli/cauliflower/carrot mix.

Until Tomorrow -

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