Saturday, March 2, 2024

23 - 24 Trip to the Southwest, Day 139

Saturday, March 2, 2024 - Oasis RV Park, Van Horn, TX - 250.6 Miles, 4,442.7 Miles for the trip 

Back in an old road trip stand by - the Oasis RV park in Van Horn, TX. A bit funky, although not as funky as it was with the previous owner. Still, lots of I 10 road noise as well as trains. The good? Easy off from I 10, and a useful stop after the City of Rocks when heading east. 

I got an early for me start at 9:30 and although I 10 was crowded, it wasn't too bad until I hit the single lane sections north of El Paso. Just as much work going on as there was on the way out. I arrived at Van Horn around 3:00, including the time zone change to central time adding an hour to the drive.

I'm in site 21, a full hookup, level site on gravel, no picnic table, grill or fire pit (far too windy for a fire anyway) for $27.00 for the night with a Good Sam discount. I don't know what type of discount I had on the way out in the fall, but then it was only $25.00. Like last time, no one here at the park. You call a number and the owner tells you the available sites & says he will stop by for the money. The trailer was at 82°F when I stopped. Ran the AC to get it down to 76°F, but will need the electric heater tonight; the prediction is for 46°F overnight.

Site 21

One good thing about the Oasis - great internet speeds. 27Mbps down & 2.6Mbps up for Verizon, and even better 43.3 down & 14.47 up for AT&T. Since it is the first day of a new cycle for Verizon, I'll go with AT&T for the night. On the other hand, another bad - it looks like Chuy's, the Mexican restaurant across the street is still closed. Since I'm level without unhooking, I'd rather leave the trailer connected so I can't go out looking for another restaurant. Another freezer meal - too windy to cook outside even if I had a table to set the grill on (NPR told me yesterday it is now OK to end a sentence with a preposition).

Dinner was the last of my frozen homemade (well, trailer made) chili.

Until Tomorrow -

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