Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Trip to the Algonac & Niagara Wine Escape Rallies, Day 2

 Wednesday, September 6, 2023, Algonac State Park, Algonac, MI 201.5 miles, 396.9 Miles for the Trip

Last night I was standing around in my skivvies (in the trailer) after after I used Dawn dishwashing detergent to try to get the grease stains the trailer ball left on my shorts. They were hanging on one of the coat hooks drying. Looked out the window & a woman was sitting at my picnic table. No, not a Cryptoscopophilia ( a neat term for a Peeping Tom) but Anne trying to get enough WiFi from my cell router to finish downloading one of her audio books. That was the "event" for the night!

We packed up & the Guido's actually beat me (for the first time) getting out of their site. They headed for the dump station & I waited for them at the office. We did most of the trip on Highway 3, hopping onto the 402 just before London. An interesting entrance interview process at the border. We hit the shortest line, but seems that each vehicle spent 5-10 minutes being interviewed. Of course we didn't realize the processing time until after we couldn't change lines. As the Guidos hit the station they went into a shift change and they waited 5 minutes for the processing to start. At that point the new border inspector only spent a minute or so with them. I was next and it was the shortest interview I've ever had. "Did you purchase anything in Canada?" No. He gave me back my passport and waved me on.

Last year the park rangers never stopped by our sites to have us pay for a Michigan Parks Pass, so we were never charged. Unfortunately, this year they billed us at the entrance station - An additional $39.00 for a year pass. We are in sites 130 (me) and 128 (the Guidos),  a mix of grass & gravel just big enough for the Guido's 16' Scamp. I'm kind of sticking over the back side enough to get the truck parked in front of the trailer. Since they are very specific as to how you park your trailer, I hope they don't make me move it. 30 amp electric only, although there is a water fill station & dump station in the park. The charge for the site varies depending on the day of the week - $30.00 & $33.00 on weekends. Add the $8.00 reservation fee & the $39.00 required Michigan Park Pass, and it comes out to $38.33 per night.

Me in Site 130

The Guidos in Site 128

We hit a bit of rain on the way, and it looks a bit cloudy when we arrived, so we used that as an excuse to head to a restaurant for dinner. We ate at the Catch 22 in Shelby Township, which, as far as I can tell is in Algonac. I had the English Fish & Chips, as did Anne. Don had Shrimp Scampi.

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