Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Trip to the Algonac & Niagara Wine Escape Rallies, Day 1

 Tuesday, September 5, 2023, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, 195.4 miles, 195.4 Miles for the Trip

It is September and time for the Algonac and Niagara Wine Escape rallies. As usual, Anne & Guido invited me to Guido's brother Pete's Labor Day picnic at Pete's house in Scriba. Lots of food & sitting around with folks I usually only see once a year. A bit more this year since I also went to Pete's retirement party.

In any case, the Guido's arrived yesterday afternoon and set up their trailer in the driveway. We headed off to Rudy's for dinner (In keeping with tradition, I have to tell you what I had for dinner - I had a baked fish sandwich with cheese on a hard roll & extra cooked French fries). 

This morning we headed out for Rock Point Provincial Park in Ontario Canada around 10:00. I forgot to turn off the battery disconnect (at home I was running on the converter for 12V stuff) and by the time I realized it the main body of the refrigerator was up to 45°F and the freezer at 15°F. Both are cooling off now.

We arrived at Rock Point around 3:00, and as usual, the electric hook ups require an extension cord as well as the standard 30' one. While the sites are dry, it looks like any rain will turn them into swamps, particularly at the electric hook ups. 

The Guidos in 151

Me in 149

It is hot - 95°F in the trailer when I arrived, around 82°F outside. There is shade on the Guido's site so we set up our chairs under the trees. 

We are in sites 149 (me) and 151 (the Guido's), 30 amp electric only reasonably level sites on a mix of grass, dirt & gravel. Both sites were pretty dirty when we arrived. Mine looks like someone got a haircut next to the trailer location, and left their beer packaging in the firepit. Anne picked up a large bag of garbage around their site.

Dinner will be a Bosco's jalapeno & cheese sausage (an Oswego butcher shop that has great meat) for Guido, and cheese brats for Anne & me.

Until Tomorrow - 

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