Friday, September 16, 2022

2022 Trip To Algonac State Park & Niagara Falls, Ontario, Day 11

 Friday, September 16 - 0 Miles, 624.6 For The Trip

Hanging Out

After my morning walk and breakfast I started making 2 blueberry pies. With an expected 60 or so trailers, I figured 2 as a minimum for tomorrow's pot luck. Since it is still fairly cool, I cooked them in the trailer oven. 

I took a walk around the campground while the last pie cooked at took a few photos, as well as another walk around just before dinner.  Photos are at my 2022 Niagara Wine Escape page.

Dinner was a Johnsonville Cheese Brat, mixed vegetables, and a Klondike Bar for dessert (by the way, they are making them thinner & with less chocolate.

Until Tomorrow - 

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