Tuesday, September 22, 2020

 Green Lakes State Park, Day 3

We sat around much of the morning.  I had a visitor that wanted to see the Escape 21.  They are either going to order one or wait to see what the new Escape 23 looks like.  We toured & talked for awhile, then had some lunch.  

After lunch we went for a walk on the trail around Green Lake with a short offshoot to see Round Lake. 

Round Lake: 

While the photos don't show it, Round Lake is just as Green as Green Lake.   A nice 2.5 mile walk.

Back at the trailer we sat around doing so more reading.  I'm reading The Off-Islander, by Peter Colt.  A book about a Boston detective working, at least in part, on Nantucket Island.  I couldn't pass up the book since I love the island, but so far the book is not all that impressive.

Dinner was a chicken & shells dish that Anne made.

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