Monday, October 12, 2020

Letchworth State Park, Day 1

 Letchworth State Park is about (well, exactly, according to my GPS) 114.9 Miles from Oswego.   I've visited the park many times; when my daughter was a student at Geneseo State University we often took her, her friends and roommates to the park for a picnic.  I've only camped here a couple of times, usually on the way to & back from the West.

Anne & Guido called & suggested that we try to get a site for the week.  Forgetting that today is Columbus day, I checked Sunday through Friday & nothing was available.  Looking for Monday through Friday, we found a couple of sites next to each other.  So, we are in sites 514 & 516.  Strange site numbering - odd on one side & even on the other, but there are twice as many odd sites, so, for example, site 531 is across the street from 516.

The official check in time is 5:00PM (check out 10:00AM) but they will let you in once they clean the site from the previous visitors.  I arrived around 2:30 with no problems.  Even used their early check in which lets you print a copy of the paperwork & hand it in as you arrive.  The entire process took about 30 seconds.  Sites are 30 amp, no water or sewer for $25.81 per night including the "transaction" fee of $7.25.

A pretty shaded site with a bit of gravel but mostly dirt.  Level enough (if you move the trailer around enough to find the level part of the site). Not too far from the bathrooms, which, unlike Green Lake, do not have kitchen sinks.

Anne & Guido in 514:

Me in Site 516:

We didn't do much besides set up the trailers & put together dinner which was Linguini & Clam Sauce.

Until Tomorrow - 

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