Friday, October 23, 2020

A Beautiful Day in Oswego, But...

After a couple of cold, rainy days here in Oswego, today was beautiful. 81°F and sunshine. I spent the morning on the riding mower chewing up leaves. Unfortunatly, also a terrible day - I put the cover on the trailer. I've been putting off the decision on whether I'd head to Arizona for my 5th winter, but I guess I'm a whimp. At 76, I just can't be comfortable with spending the winter in an area that doesn't do much masking, and is 30 miles from a small rural hospital. I suspect that I'd be fine, but if anything went wrong, there isn't a lot of support in the Quartzsite area. 

 So, I'm going to see snow for the first time in 5 years. At least the snowblower has heated handles! I did winterize the trailer before covering. I drained and cleaned the water heater, checked the andode (good for another year) bypassed the water heater, then blew out the water lines with 40 PSI air & added RV antifreeze to the drains. The batteries are at 85%, the recommended storage level for lithiun according to Battleborn, and switched off the battery disconnect switch. The refrigerator is cleaned & doors cracked open, and all food, etc is removed from the trailer. So, it is ready. 

 By the way, a Camco 19' cover is about 4' too long and at least a foot too high for an Escape 21. It works, but a smaller cover would fit better. 

 Can't wait for Spring! Until then or the next interesting thing that comes along -


  1. Oh no I’ll miss your adventures...but it’s the right decision. Folks here in AZ are clueless and irresponsible hen it comes to COVID. Throw a pack of fresh cab Tractor Supply or Ace...for the rodents.

  2. Oh no! I’ll miss your adventure..but it is a wise decision. Folks here in AZ are clueless and irresponsible when it comes to COVID. We are spiking at 1K a day!
    Get some Fresh Cab from Tractor Supply or ACE for the rodents. It smells like balsam

  3. Bummer that you have to experience an upstate NY winter! But, I understand... if I had a home, I would have stayed in it. But, my Escape is my home and I will want to avoid the snow. In FL now. Traveling solo which means I don't really interact with people very much. Doing my best to stay safe. Will miss the Quartzsite gathering this year! Stay safe and do what you can to enjoy winter. Merry Christmas!