Sunday, September 20, 2020

 Green Lakes State Park - 49.7 Miles

I arrived at 3:30, no problems registering early, and I'm in site 45.  Almost level side to side & needing quite a bit of lift to the front to level front to back.  

Site 45:

Don & Anne started out with a bit of a problem - the rear door on their Toyota Sienna wouldn't open.  Since they need to open it to run the 7 pin cable for the trailer, a problem.  After trying all kinds of things, Don climbed over the rear seat, removed the door panel, and used the manual latch to open it.  The door sound beeps, but the motor doesn't run.

Anyhow, they got here a little after 4:00 and set up in site 46.  I took their photo while they were setting up:


I started a blueberry pie, discovered that I no longer have an oven thermometer, so I'm going by the dial temperature on the Dometic oven - a bad idea...

They have a dish washing station at the bathrooms that are about 4 sites away from my site, so I washed out the blueberry mixing bowl there rather than turning my gray tank purple.  That also saves dealing with a stinking gray tank - for some reason, washing either the mixing bowl or the pie pan causes a real stink in the tank after a couple of days.  Since this trip is only for 3 days, I guess that won't be a problem, but I used the park's wash station anyway.

Dinner was beef Bubba Burgers, a salad, pickled beets, and peaches.  The pie is still too warm so it will have to wait until tomorrow's dessert.

Until tomorrow - 

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