Sunday, September 20, 2020

 Well, again it has been awhile, but not much happening.  I am finally going to get the trailer out for a couple of days.  Heading to Green Lake State Park near Syracuse for a couple of days.  Weekends are still booked solid, but during the week a few sites are available.  While it is only 45 minutes from home, I've never been there.  I have driven by many times on my way to a favorite non camping state park - Chittenango Falls.

I'll be meeting Don & Anne Guido at the park, hopefully around 3:00.  The "official" availability time for sites in the New York state park system seems to now be 5:00PM.  Kind of late, since you are paying for a night without much of a day.  We are hoping that they will let us in a bit early.

The trailer is packed & hooked up so I'll be hading out in a few minutes.

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