Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Day 156, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - David Crockett State Park, Lawrenceburg, TN, Day 3

A fair amount of rain overnight and throughout the morning. While the rain stopped around 3:00, we are on a tornado watch until 10:00PM. At 4:00AM last night my smoke alarm went off. No smoke or fire, but it did go off one time when I left the fan off in the bathroom while taking a shower, so it may be the humidity. In and case, I tore it off the wall, wandered around the trailer looking & sniffing, stuffed it in my computer bag and went back to sleep. I wish it was a little later - I got an email from Walmart that they were starting Senior Shopping today with the store only open to seniors between 6:00 - 7:00 AM. Unfortunately, I slept through it. Not really a problem - I don't need anything, although I'm starting to build a list.

A couple more trailers left the campground this afternoon. One came back - I assume that he just went to dump. There are three of us in this loop, including an Oliver behind me, with about the same numbers in the other three loops.

Around 2:30 I decided to head to the showers. They have new bathrooms with individual showers. During my 2016 -17 trip I talked with the architects about the problems with shower designs in campgrounds, and made some suggestions. They mentioned that Tennessee had a stock design, and they would probably stick with it. I remember how much I complained about the stock design at a couple of the other new bathrooms in the state's campgrounds. In any case, the good is they are individual rooms with temperature control. While I didn't notice it because it was 65°F outside, there was a split AC in the room that might have also been a heat pump. The outside section was running when I left. The bad - high pressure spray aimed at a narrow wall "protecting - (it doesn't) the small seat in the drying area. The entire drying area is large enough, but the shower spray covers most of it. In fact, the only floor drain is in the middle if the drying area. Two hooks for your stuff, no shelve in the shower area. Overall, better than some, but at best a C.

The rest of the day was spent reading. One of my neighbors was worried that they didn't see signs of activity in my trailer. I have tinted windows that block everything is daylight, and only show a little glow from the LED lights at night. Plus, I only turn on lights as I need them - dry camping habits. Plus I didn't sit outside since most of the time it was raining or misting. I did go for a number of walks around the campground, but they must have missed them. They called the rangers to do a check on me. Evidently, when they saw me outside this afternoon, they called back since no ranger stopped by.

Dinner was a Kahiki Chicken Fried Rice Bowl with Egg Roll.

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