Friday, March 6, 2020

Day 138, Friday, March 6, 2020 - Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, NM, Day 3

The Restored GMC Motorhome & VW Bug

I'm not sure how low the temperature got last night - my outdoor thermometer has a habit of showing 35°F for the overnight low and I know it wasn't that cold. In any case, I ran the electric cube heater & the trailer stayed at 65°F inside. A little too warm for me, but I didn't use any propane.

Speaking of propane, I drove to the Columbus LP Gas building to get my empty 20 pound tank & mostly empty 5 pound tank filled. They are one of the few locations that fill by weight, then convert to gallons. 5 gallons of propane for $13.49 with tax. The small tank only took .4 gallons. I need to get better at estimating how close to empty by weight or shaking with the little tank. In any case, all are filled.

Back at the trailer, while there is plenty of sunshine & it is 66°F outside, it is very windy (shaking the trailer windy) so I'm sitting inside. I spent some time on the computer, then read my Kindle. I noticed that there are a number of car campers in the park. No tent, just sleeping in the car. Those in a van might be comfortable, but there is a young lady next to me that is in an older Honda CR-V, which must be pretty tight for sleeping. She sure packs a lot of stuff in the Honda - she completely filled the picnic table and surrounding area with stuff out of the car.

I went for a walk around the campground with the camera.  The rest of the photos are at today's LakeshoreImages page.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting outside, moving into the shade or out of the wind and reading.  Current book is Anne Hillerman's The Tale Teller. While it hit 70°F during the afternoon, unfortunately it was too windy for the shade, and too hot in the sun.

Dinner was a couple of turkey hot dogs & applesauce.

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