Friday, March 13, 2020

Day 145, Friday, March 13, 2020 - Sam Houston Jones State Park, LA

Site 32
Another drive on combined US90/I10. Lots of construction in both TX & LA, with concrete barricades making for tight lanes. At least it was a short drive. I'm in site 32 at the Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles, LA. A water & electric site with somewhat confusing pricing. The on line registration billed me $89.75 for three days, including reservation fee, and taxes. At the entrance station the volunteer told me to come back after setting up. They have an over 62 special that cuts the price in half. So, the actual cost is now $15.96 per night. My site was still occupied when I arrived. Had a short chat with the individual, who had just spent his first night in his brand new Class A RV, and his first time camping.

The bathrooms are a short hike near the entrance to the camping area. Showers, but no laundry.

After setting up & adjusting my bill, I got back to the trailer and met a couple that are looking for an Escape 21. They currently have a Class C that they are unhappy with & wanted to see an Escape. I gave the usual tour and answered the usual questions.

After that I headed to a grocery store. A very bad move. Everyone in Lake Charles is at the grocery stores buying water and toilet paper. Very long lines, and harried clerks. I was lucky - I checked out in the under 10 items line.

The virus is causing very different reactions in different states. New Mexico shut down camping in all their state parks today, while AZ, PA & MI sent me emails saying they concluded that camping in the open air with lots of space between neighbors was far safer than staying in your apartment or house. In any case, I don't have much of a choice - home is still 1500 miles away.

Dinner was a Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo dinner.

Until Tomorrow -

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