Sunday, October 27, 2019

Day 7, Hungry Mother State Park Marion, VA - Day 4

No photo today.  For those that saw the barn photo at the head of yesterday's post, is changed this morning.  Much better lighting & a better composition, so I replaced it.

Lots or rain overnight, but by 10:00AM the sun was out. Partly cloudy & warm for the rest of the day. Many, many RVs, both fiberglass & stick built headed out this morning. There are 3 fiberglass trailers that stayed today. I have a new neighbor in a very large 5th wheel. I called & chatted with my son & Don & Anne, my usual Sunday phone calls. I also drove into Marion and the Ingles Market for a few supplies.

Back at the trailer I headed to the showers. There are two bathroom buildings. The old one is attached to the office, and at best, can be described as "rustic". The new building has 4 individual shower rooms; one handicapped. Good showerheads, a separate drying area that only gets a little wet from the shower, plenty of hot water, but no heat. Only one hook, but there is a bench. I guess I'd give it a B.

I did quire a bit of reading the rest of the afternoon sitting out in the sun.

Dinner was a microwaved frozen turkey dinner I made up with the leftovers from my Thanksgiving in July get together. I like cooking a big turkey dinner, and invite a bunch of friends & students (back when I was working) during Thanksgiving, but since I've been away keeping out of the snow for the last 5 Thanksgivings, I now do it in July. A bit hot baking a 20 pound turkey in July, and it really hard to find frozen creamed onions, but it worked.

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