Thursday, October 24, 2019

Day 4, Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA

Site 48
While it didn't get below freezing, it was down to 35°F at 6:30AM, and there was frost on the ground & truck windows. Nice and toasty in the trailer at 65°F with the electric heater running about 1/2 speed. I took my time with breakfast & coffee, hoping it would warm up before I had to pack up the water hose & electric cord. While it did warm up a bit, it was still cool when I headed out at 10:00.

Lots of truck traffic on I 81. I should have hopped off onto US 11, but didn't. I did have one idiot that insisted he had the right of way at an on ramp, but other than that a fairly uneventful drive.

When I stopped at the Hungry Mother Office, they had one open non specific site, so I'm in site 48, all the way at the end of the campground. I do have a Casita neighbor, but most of the fiberglass trailers are towards the center of the campground near the bathrooms. A water & electric site for $43.47 per night, including as $5.00 reservation fee. The campground is full with about 1/2 the sites taken by non fiberglass trailers. There are about 20 fiberglass trailers, mostly Casitas, a couple of Olivers, Scamps, and Escapes.

I set up the trailer, then headed to Walgreens for my prescriptions, and Walmart for a Waterpik. Yes, I forgot mine. I suspect is it sitting on the living room coffee table since I had it checked off as packed, and that is where I was gathering stuff. So, now I own 3 of them! This one is never leaving the trailer.

Back at the campground, I wandered around meeting people, taking a few photos, then heading back to the trailer to cook dinner. More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner was a Turkey Bubba Burger, chips, and a glass of Silk & Spice wine.

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