Monday, November 12, 2018

Day 100, Monday, November 12, 2018 - Big Bend National Park, TX, Day 9

On the Way to Panther Junction
Monday, November 12, 2018 - Big Bend National Park, TX, Day 9 - 0 Miles, 6,034.6 Miles for the Trip

I lied about the chicken patty for dinner - instead it was left over pizza, no better than it was the day before, but now it's gone.

I emptied one of my 20 pound propane tanks yesterday, so this morning's project was to get a refill. The campground store sells propane, $21.25 to refill a 20 pound tank. at 4.6 gallons, not the least expensive I've run into by a long shot, but the nearest next location for propane is about 80 miles away.

The weather prediction for tonight is "interesting" - 30% chance of snow & tomorrow's high around 34°F. Sure hope it is wrong, but right now at 11:00 it is 55°F and going down rather than up! At least I have full propane tanks and, by the end of the day, full batteries.

While paying for the propane, I remembered that I was reading my last book, and since the Kindle is not downloading books, I'm in trouble. They have a small book kiosk at the store, and there were three books by Rick Riordan, a "Texas style author". I've read one of his books - Big Red Tequila, and while I don't remember it, it wasn't on my "Don't buy any more by this author" list, so I bought all three. It may be awhile before I get to them since I'm in the middle of a 700 page Wilber Smith book - Men of Men, the second book in his Ballantyne novels, but I love his books, and they read pretty quickly. I would have preferred to read all 4 of the series in order, but since I've already read the third book, The Angels Weep, that isn't going to happen. If you are interested in historic novels about Africa or Egypt, I highly recommend his work.

Other than that, it is a pretty much "sit around the trailer" day. A mix of sun & clouds, with enough sun to warm up the trailer, but too much wind, and a little too cool to sit around outside.

I took a break from just sitting, and headed to Panther Junction (20 miles from the campground) to mail a couple of postcards to my grandkids. As long as I was there, I also decided to head to Chisos Basin just because I was within 10 miles of the store. I did find some large bowls at the store, something I was out of back at the trailer.

By the way, the description of the temperature differences during the winter between Chisos Basin & Rio Grande Village is that the Basin is actually warmer because the cold air drains off the mountain into the valley where Rio Grande Village is located. Maybe it isn't winter yet - it was 34°F at the Chisos Basin store, and 55°F at my campsite.

Maybe the chicken patty will be tonight's dinner...

Until Tomorrow -

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