Monday, September 24, 2018

Day 50, Sunday, September 23, 2018 - Sunset Crater National Monument, AZ

Agatha Rock, AZ
Sunday, September 23, 2018 - Sunset Crater National Monument, AZ, 168.5 Miles, 4,417.2 Miles for the Trip

We got a reasonably early start out of Gouldings campground, stopping for gas at their station. Probably should have waited until we hit Arizona since it is cheaper there - $3.13 at Gouldings, and most of the stations we passed once we hit Arizona were under $3.00, although just. We had to adjust our clocks, not because we crossed a time zone, but because Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time.

Not a long drive to Sunset Crater National Monument. We passed Agatha & Owl rocks along US 163 in Arizona, and continued on US 89 to Sunset Crater National Monument.

We are in the campground, dry camping in paved sites with picnic tables, fire rings & grills for $12.00 per night with the Senior Pass. Bathrooms with flush toilets, but at the only water faucet they as k you not to fill your fresh water tanks - they have a limited supply. I'm still well over 1/2 a tank, so no problems. The place looks like a fiberglass trailer rally. There are two Casitas, our Escape & Scamp, and an Oliver in the campground loop.  More pictures at today's LakeshoreImages page.

After setting up, me in a pull through & Done & Anne in a back in site we headed into the park to see the lava field & remains of the volcano. Don needed gas & Anne wanted to confirm our reservations for tomorrow night so we drove about 5 miles towards Flagstaff to find gas & a cell signal.

Dinner was Spaghetti, meatballs & sausage, along with garlic rolls (I didn't have any Italian bread so I used some rolls to make garlic bread broiled in the trailer oven). Not bad if I say so myself!

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