Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day 46, Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - Archview RV Resort, Moab, UT

The View from Dead Horse Point
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - Archview RV Resort, Moab, UT, 96.7 Miles, 4,066.5 Miles for the Trip

I forgot to check the camera for photos before I finished yesterday's post and today I found some photos we took at the Hanksville BLM office of the Wolverton Mill. A bit different from all the other mills I've photographed. Most were grain mills, one an air compressor, but this one was built to process gold ore. They rebuilt it at the BLM office site, including using a helicopter to haul down the wheel.

We had a short drive to Moab, buying gas at Green River on I 70 for $3.39 per gallon. Cheaper than the $3.49 in Hanksville, but more than the $3.17 in Moab. We checked a number of places to stay, and most were filled. My first choice was Dead Horse Point State Park, but both campgrounds were completely booked. We settled for Archview. I've stayed here before, in fact Don is in the site I stayed in during 2011. He & Anne are in site 42, I'm in 43. Both are small sites, small enough that I have to park the truck perpendicular to the trailer & I'm still in the driveway. At least the mulberry tree that dropped purple berries all over my trailer & tracked inside is not in fruit this time of year. I did have a red ant mound next to my power pedestal. I sprayed them with my roach & ant killer & all it did was make them mad. Luckily, there was an Orkin Man spraying some of the cabins & while it wasn't part of his contract, he came over and sprayed them. What ever he was using worked! Sites are full hook up with cable TV, fairly level, on sand, and $48.96 per night with taxes & a 20% first timer's discount. Glad Anne reserved them since I've been here before.

After setting up we headed into town to pick up my prescriptions and hit a grocery store. While they didn't have Bubba burgers, they did have my favorite non meat hamburger, Beyond Burgers. I picked up some for tonight's dinner.

On the way back we noticed a green chair that looked a lot like my folding chair in the middle of the road. Didn't think much about it until we got back to the campground & discovered that mine was missing. I suspect I left it sitting on the tonneau cover while getting out the ground cloth & it fell off on the way to town. We went back to try to retrieve it, but it was broken up badly enough to call it toast. I still have another one just like it, so I'll have to dig it out of the back of the truck.

We decided to go to Dead Horse Point for the afternoon. Great views, so I made far too many panoramas looking at the same view from different parts of the point. The heavy clouds softened the lighting compared to the last time I was here. On the way back we drove through both campgrounds, as well as the Horsethief BLM campground. There were a couple of sites available at Horsethief & it looks like many more will open up tomorrow, but with no electric & still very hot weather, we will probably stick with hookups.  More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner was Beyond Burgers, a Knoor's side, and left over chicken Alfredo. Don & Anne both put the stamp of approval on the Beyond Burgers. Not bad for the first time eating vegetarian burgers!

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  1. Red ants. When our kids were about 7, 4, and 2 we went to camp, setting up our tent directly on red ant compound. Middle of the night did not go well.