Friday, July 29, 2016

Seawall Campground, Arcadia National Park, ME

Thursday, July 28, 2016, Seawall Campground, Acadia National Park, ME, Day 4 - 24.7 Miles, 629.5 Miles for the Trip

We made it out of the campground on time (they have an early checkout time of 10:00AM) & headed south to Seawall Campground. Seawall is called the "Quiet" campground in the park, although not really - there were two troops of Boy Scouts in the group camping area next to Don's site. They did quiet down after quiet hours at 10:00PM. Seawall has the same set up as Blackwoods - dry sites with water available and bathrooms with cold water - No showers. Both campgrounds have dishwater dumps at the bathrooms to keep you from dumping dishwater & food scraps at the campsites.

My project for the afternoon was to bake a blueberry pie. Since there is no 120V AC electricity available (other than my solar & batteries with my inverter which isn't large enough for the toaster oven) , I used the Volcano Grill & Dutch Oven. I've made one barely successful attempt with the Dutch Oven out in Arizona that was undercooked, but edible. This one was better, but far from perfect. This time it is fully cooked, but I charcoaled one edge of the pie. Keeping the temperature regulated in the Dutch Oven is tough. I also need to design a pie lifter to remove the pie from the Dutch Oven when done. The welding gloves don't quite do the trick. The site photos & the pie:

Other than that, I sat around reading. There is no cell service here in the campground (or anywhere near by) so this posting will have to wait until tomorrow.

Dinner was turkey Bubba burgers, baked beans & pickled beets, and, of course, blueberry pie! The pie was OK, however even the under crust was overcooked. I still have to get better at temperature control in the Dutch Oven.  Photos of the rest of the campsites & the pie are at today's LakeshoreImages page.

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