Monday, July 4, 2016

Gap Mangione Concert at Sodus Point

Concert at the Lighthouse
Not a lot happening with travel but I did attend a 4th of July weekend concert with friends at the Sodus Point Lighthouse.  The season opener was a concert by the Gap Mangione band.  Lots of big band & jazz numbers, including a few made popular by Gap's older brother Chuck, who did many concerts in Waterman Theatre, the SUNY Oswego facility I retired from.

The park was very crowded - Dick had to park 4 blocks away.  Lots of vendors, and  as you can see from the photo, while we got to the park early, we ended up sitting quite a ways back from the pavilion. A warm, cloudless day - glad I had my chair with the built in sun shade.

As to the trailer & projects, I did install the wireless back up camera on the trailer but am unhappy with the 7" mirror mounted monitor.  It image is so dim it is unusable, even with the brightness turned all the way up.  I'm going to call the company on Tuesday to see if I can exchange it for a brighter version.

I'm also less than pleased with the ARE topper I purchased for the truck.  The inside finish inside is quite rough, particularly in the corners - shards of glass fibers are sticking out just waiting to stab you.  It also leaks in light rain.

Next week I'm planning to load up the truck & trailer for a trip (although I won't be leaving for Maine until the 20th) to determine how much drop or rise I need with the stinger holding the hitch.  The suspension of the Tacoma is softer than a full sized truck, so the only way to see how much drop & if I'll need the weight distribution hitch is to do a test setup.  I did tow the trailer around 60 miles with a 1" drop stinger & it went well, however the truck bed was empty.

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