Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vermillion Provincial Park, Vermillion, AB

Sites Next to Each Other?
Wednesday, June 17, 2015, Vermillion Provincial Park, Vermillion, AB, 191.9 Miles Today, 2169.9 Miles for the Trip

We spent most of the day driving northwest on CA 16, a four lane equivalent of a US interstate. Very flat for the first part, becoming a bit hilly as we got towards Alberta. We stopped to do a bit of food shopping in Lloydminster, then continued to the campground. They were a bit surprised by the spelling of my last name at the Vermillion Provincial Park! We asked for 2 sites next to each other, and technically they are, (sites 37 & 38) but as you can see from the photograph, they are about as far apart as you can get and stay in the same loop. Since we each carry part of each night's dinner, and like to set up our chairs together & eat at the same table, "next to each other" works best when we are close. The sites are close to the washrooms, however a hike to the showers.

The showers, but the way, are "interesting". You need to use an old "Toonie" (a Canadian 2 dollar coin) for five minutes. Seems that they redesigned the coin and the new ones don't work in the shower coin boxes. While the showers run for quite awhile, they start out ice cold, get nice & warm, and 2 minutes into showering fade to barely lukewarm. Still, I'm clean.

Dinner was the last of the Bubba Burgers, and asparagus. I hope we can find replacement Bubba Burgers - they are the best frozen hamburgers I've found.

Another late post - no WiFi at Vermillion Provincial Park.

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