Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sagitawah RV Park, Whitecourt, AB

Sites 2 & 3
Thursday, June 18, 2015, Sagitawah RV Park, Whitecourt, AB, 221.6 Miles Today, 2391.5 Miles for the Trip

We continued northwest on CA 16, then switched to 43 in Edmonton. Both similar to US interstates with 110KMH speed limits. We stopped for the afternoon at Whitecourt, Alberta. After setting up in adjoining sites (and they are close to each other, in fact our doors face each other) we headed to Walmart to buy "stuff", IGA for food & a liquor store for some beer & wine (they don't sell it in grocery stores). Labatts Blue here in Canada is expensive (as is both other beers & non Canadian wine). A 15 pack was $28.32!

We are in sites 2 & 3. After pulling into my site the guy in the sunblocker next to me said I should move my car since when he puts out his slide I wouldn't be able to open my car door. Rather than telling him to keep his slide on his own site, I moved over to the edge of mine. He is only a foot or two into my site. While the WiFi is great, the bathrooms clean & up to date, and the laundry looks good, it is a typical commercial campground with the sites packed in a little space as possible.

We were planning to do laundry, but by the time we got back from shopping it was late enough that we are going to put it off until tomorrow.

Dinner will be a pork loin with a salad & southwest corn.

Until Later -

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