Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday, April 11

Tonight's "Campsite"

Saturday, April 11, 2015, Binghamton, NY 118.8 miles, 118.8 for the trip.

Well Spring has finally arrived in Oswego. We had one of the worst February's in history; in fact, actually, the worst - average temperature 8°F & almost all of our snowfall for the winter fell in February.

So, to warm up, I'm heading to the Townsend, Tennessee KOA for the 8th Annual Eggscursion. While the rally doesn't start until next weekend, I'm starting out early to keep to my rule of trying to drive under 200 miles per day. The RAV4 total mileage when I left Oswego was 104,526.2, and the total trailer mileage was 54,965.

I have something new for the trailer - I added a Stowaway II storage box to the rear of the trailer. While adding the box wasn't all that difficult, I did have to punch another hole in the trailer for the wiring for the lights on the box. That, and I had to redistribute a bunch of stuff to keep the tongue weight in the neighborhood of 10% of the trailer weight. Today's trip to the dump weighed out at 3140 lbs for the trailer & 335 lbs for the tongue. It towed fine for the trip to Binghamton at my usual 57 MPH.

The first stop is in Binghamton, NY to a friend's house. Last week we drove to Canada to pick up their new-to-them trailer, a 2010 Scamp. The paperwork went well and we were able to drop it off at my house in Oswego for a couple of days while they got their van wired for a 7 pin connector. Yesterday Anne drove it from the trailer shop to Binghamton - She did OK, at least for the tow to their house, but they want me to back it into the new parking spot.  More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

I'll probably add more later - we are going to Ithaca for a dance show tonight.

We got to Ithaca a bit early, so we stopped at a waterfall. While I believe there are 7 of them, we only went to one, and don't ask which one it was because I never found a sign identifying it. Lots of water running in the river - we are still experiencing snow melt, and have had quite a bit of rain over the last week.

The dance show was interesting. A Korean dance club at Cornell University. While a few of the numbers were a bit long, the work was excellent. I wish I had brought my camera since many in the audience were taking photos, but I didn't.

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